What is the Physics of HipHop

Created by Marcus Gray in 1998, The Physics of Hip Hop began as a manifesto based on the idea that Hip Hop culture is comparable to any religion. He argued that HipHop can be used as a means for personal evolution and self initiation into adulthood.

The Physics of HipHop is a movement populated by cultural engineers and artists. We are interested in cultivating the evolution of Hiphop culture into true maturity. It is a platform for ideas, products and perspectives that uplift the core of what HipHop Culture can be. Extracting HipHops encrypted wisdom and creating art, dialog and products that bring value to the community.

Q: What does that have to do with diaper bags and philosophy?

A:We recognize that in order for hiphop to evolve as a culture its participants must evolve as individuals. Thus, central to the evolution of the culture is the evolution of the family unit and the way it supports the children. More important is the evolution of their belief systems, perspective on their personal value and the potential of the culture.

Look Out for more contributions to the culture.

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Past Physics of HipHop projects include: HipHopChocolate.com

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